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When You Visit..

"whenyouvisit.us" is created to document experiences for people to share, learn from and enjoy. An "experience" can be anything from a shopping adventure to a good website on the internet or even a great vacation - really, just about anything can be an experience to share.

Over the life of this web site, my family, friends and I (along with your help) will be developing and updating information to document our experiences so that "When You Visit" you can take advantage from our experiences.

Hopefully, you will take a moment and find somthing interesting... or possibly you will have a suggestion of your own to offer...

Please continue to check in & contribute.

Other Notes..

When you do help us out with a posting, We ask for as much information as possible concerning the name, address, web site info, phone number, hours of operation, as well as any other information. As we organize the information onto the web site, it is important that we have specific information to place it in the right area of interest. Most of all, we need the place names, addresses and phone numbers so that we can research for more information. Please keep this in mind if you send us a posting. Thanks!

How the site works..

We will begin to document experiences we have had and try to point out the hidden treasures as well as the main attractions. We hope that others will add their interesting experiences to visit as well so that everyone can benefit.

My specialty is finding inexpensive experiences.. I will be looking to post these as I come across them... My wife, however, seems to like the nicer things in life that tend to be a little more expensive, but still within the budget for a family of five. So hopefully we can cover a little of both worlds. My children will also be adding in great experiences to visit for the younger ones. Hope you enjoy and we encourage you to add your great experiences to visit as well.

We will also post listings of future trips so that if anyone knows great experiences to visit in those areas, your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Currently, we are planning an experience to visit O'ahu, Hawaii area. We are looking for any suggestions (great eating spots, recreation areas and shopping places, etc...).

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